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Your Ultimate Guide to Air Conditioning System Installment and Upkeep in Dubai

Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • Selecting the appropriate a/c unit
  • Installation procedure
  • Common issues with air conditioning system
  • Maintenance tips
  • When to call an expert
  • Verdict


Are you tired of sweating buckets in Dubai’s warm and also humid climate? Anxiety not, SocialSafe is here to rescue you from the scorching warm! However wait, what is SocialSafe? Well, it’s not the name of a superhero or a new social networks app. It’s Dubai’s premier cooling installment and also upkeep service provider! Yes, you listened to that right.

A/c unit installation is no longer a deluxe yet a need, as well as SocialSafe knows this too well. They provide a large range of ACs to fit your specific needs and also preferences. Yet it’s not almost obtaining an AC mounted; it’s about preserving it also. Normal maintenance is critical to increase the lifespan as well as performance of your AC.

Don’t await your a/c to surrender on you on a blistering day. Call SocialSafe now and also let them conserve you from the intolerable Dubai warm.

Choosing the right a/c

Picking the right a/c unit can be a complicated job, specifically if you’re not skilled with the formalities included. However, it does not have to be brain surgery. Below are some variables you need to take into consideration prior to making a purchase: the dimension of your space, insulation, number of passengers, as well as power intake. You don’t want to be stuck with a machine that’s also tiny or also big for your room or eats more power than your month-to-month wage.

When it comes to the type of ac system, you have options ranging from window units, split systems, central air conditioners, as well as mobile A/cs. Window systems are optimal for tiny spaces, whereas split systems and central air conditioners are ideal for bigger rooms. Portable ACs are a wonderful option if you have restricted space, and you can relocate them from room to area.

Now, which brand to pick? Well, that relies on your individual choice as well as budget. The market is flooded with various brands, with each asserting to be the best. So, just how do you make a notified choice? Research! Search for evaluations from real customers. Don’t succumb to appealing promotions. Remember, you’re buying your comfort, so take your time.

Installment process

Do it yourself or work with a specialist? That’s the inquiry that pops up in every person’s mind when it involves air conditioner installment. Well, if you’re a specialist handyman with experience in electrical devices, then DIY might be your cup of tea. Nonetheless, if you’re not the one with technical knowledge as well as tools, after that employing a specialist is a piece of cake.

But, wait! Before you make any choice, allow’s dive deeper into the elements to take into consideration for ac system installment. Firstly, see to it that the chosen place for installment is away from straight sunshine and also is conveniently obtainable for upkeep. Second of all, look for any type of electrical links, and also if they match the ac system’s electrical requirement. Last but not least, consider the dimension and ability of the air conditioning unit that fits your room.

Getting ready for the installment day is the essential to make the procedure smooth as butter. See to it that there is enough room to relocate the ac system and also related equipment through the route of setup. Clear any type of obstacle that could can be found in the means of installation. In addition, maintain the needed devices helpful, such as a drill maker, screws, nuts, as well as screws.

Now let’s move in the direction of the setup procedure detailed. Begin by drilling the wall surface to install the outdoor device brace, adhered to by plugging the holes with concrete. Next, repair the indoor system brace as well as pierce a hole via the wall surface for pipeline fitting. As soon as you’re completed with the brackets, mount the copper pipe and also water drainage pipe. Tighten the nuts of the pipe and link it to the exterior as well as indoor systems. Ultimately, attach the electrical wires as well as turn on the power for testing.

Voila! That’s it, and you’re done. Oh, wait, did we fail to remember to inform you one of the most crucial point? Always remember your coffee after setup; you deserve it.

Usual issues with air conditioning system

A/c are a lifesaver in hot Dubai summertimes, however they might have problems that make you desire you were simply suffocating in the warmth. Leakage is one trouble that can turn up, leaving you with an irritating fret about water damages, but do not worry – it’s a typical issue, as well as experts can solve it quickly. Another pesky difficulty is when the air conditioner isn’t cooling things down as it should. This undoubtedly results in frustration as well as perspiring pain, yet once again, don’t stress – there may be a straightforward option, such as transforming the air filter.

Unusual sounds from your AC can also be disruptive, making you seem like you’re stuck in a horror film. However, as opposed to diving under the sheets and also hiding from the imaginary killer, examine the issue rather. A professional can assist determine the issue, whether it’s something major or simply a loose screw. Foul smells are an additional usual concern, typically brought on by mold and mildew or microorganisms in filters, fins, or other parts of the AC. While you might shy away from it, this smelly trouble can not be neglected.

To troubleshoot these problems, attempt doing a fast aesthetic examination of your AC’s components, from the fins to the filter and beyond. Additionally, hire the experts, and let them take care of the nitty-gritty work while you relax with a cool beverage. Keep in mind, for consistent performance, normal upkeep of your AC is necessary. Ignore this, and you might be confronted with even more concerns than you ‘d like.

Upkeep suggestions

Maintenance Tips

Now that your a/c is set up, the following action is to guarantee that it runs successfully throughout the year. Regular upkeep is required to expand the life-span of your device and also avoid costly repair work.

But just how often should you get your a/c serviced? Well, it depends on exactly how frequently you use your device. Ideally, you must obtain your a/c serviced when every six months. Nonetheless, if you use it a lot more often, you may require to get it serviced regularly.

If you get on a spending plan, there are a number of DIY upkeep tips that you can try. For starters, you can cleanse the air filterings system routinely to stop dust and also dirt buildup. You can likewise guarantee that the a/c unit is positioned in a well-ventilated area to avoid overheating.

Yet bear in mind, do it yourself upkeep suggestions need to not change specialist maintenance. Indicators that show your a/c needs expert upkeep consist of a decline in cooling down performance, strange noises, as well as nasty smells. When picking an expert, guarantee that they are accredited as well as experienced in air conditioner maintenance.

Happy cooling!

When to call a professional

As long as you may intend to conserve those dollars, some air conditioner troubles call for the attention of an expert. So, just how do you understand when it’s time to call up the experts? Well, one dead giveaway is when your a/c isn’t cooling your area as it should. Is the air coming out warm also when you’ve established it to ‘polar vortex’? Contact a specialist.

An additional red flag is when you listen to strange noises issuing from your a/c unit. Is it making a rattling, hissing, or clanking noise? Unless you intend to masquerade an audio designer, let the pros check it out.

Naturally, picking the best expert goes a long way in making sure that you do not waste your money. Watch out for certified air conditioner upkeep companies with a lot of experience under their belts. You might additionally intend to look into the comments from past clients online.

So, just what should you anticipate from a specialist air conditioner maintenance solution? A thorough assessment of the unit, cleansing or changing of filters, examining the wiring, and also a ton of other things that your average Joe would not recognize how to handle. Plus, they’ll provide you suggestions on how to keep your air conditioning operating optimally. Now that’s a list worth dialing up a specialist for.


In summary, SocialSafe has actually obtained you covered when it pertains to air conditioning system installment and maintenance in Dubai. Choosing the ideal air conditioner based on the size of your space, understanding the installation procedure and also opting for regular upkeep are vital for optimum efficiency. Although DIY might feel like a feasible choice, it’s always much better to obtain an expert included when the demand develops. Routine maintenance will maintain the a/c running well and stay clear of any type of possible malfunction, especially throughout the warm summer season.

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